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From childhood, Christopher Bigbie knew that he wanted to play a role in how movies were made. As the desire evolved during the young years from Stuntman to Storyboard Artist....whatever it was to be...Christopher learned early on that Cinema was a powerful way to tell stories.

Bringing his love of narrative and visual storylines to commercials and digital content, Christopher's knack for working with people to build moods combined with moving visuals have all contributed to his success in producing some of the industry’s top commercials and short films.

It is perhaps unsurprising that Christopher has a gift for capturing natural beauty and extreme action in elegant and diverse photographic styles. His understanding of light and camera combined with his ability to shoot action such as a vehicle racing across an exotic backdrop, an athlete demonstrating peak physical performance or elegant beauty photography; it's experience in shooting multiple styles and creativity to each job that has fashioned a varied and exciting body of work.

As a Director/Creative Director, he has worked extensively in both advertising and corporate projects designing and directing campaigns for clients such as Motorola, RadioShack, MonsterCable, Doritos, MonaVie, Nopalea, ViSalus, Ignite and ACN.

The ability to grasp unrealized concepts and translate those ideas into moving imagery has been the key to successful projects. Whether it’s working with actors, or creating a special effects sequence, Christopher always invests his most creative self in that part of him, forged and shaped since childhood.

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