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Ashville AL

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Welcome to my Vimeo page! Here you'll find my efforts to bring praise and glory to God through music. I'm very fond of gospel and bluegrass music. You may find some traditional Scottish and Irish tunes here as well. Hope you enjoy my music!

Check out my blog.

I play a Michael Kelly LFS F-style acoustic mandolin.

If you have any questions about my music or my playing or anything mando-music related, please leave me a comment!

My thanks to all the people on and my Dad, for starting my love for mandolin and to Adam Wright and Jason Bailey, for teaching me to play this truly wonderful instrument.


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  2. Will Fly
  3. Brent Hutto
  4. Sarah Jane
  5. Jonathan Miller
  6. Bria
  7. Plants and Pillars
  8. Robert Schultz
  9. Evan Travers
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