Chris van Rensburg

Johannesburg, South Africa

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Chris van Rensburg is an extremely skilled Actor, Singer, Dancer, Writer and Voice artist. He studied Drama at the University of Pretoria, where he received an award for Best Creative contribution to the department in 2005.

As an actor, he has a strong theatrical background that stems from his Eisteddfod days at Primary and High School. He has appeared in a variety of theatrical and film productions, proving his versatility in dealing with a multitude of different characters. His theatre credits include NETARICO, DIE AFRIKANER 300, THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW, SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS: THE MUSICAL, HOUTKRUIS: DIE MUSICAL and various children's and Industrial theatre productions including KHULULEKA for the Nelson Mandela 46664 campaign. In 2006 he wrote and featured in the play SADE(ISM) where he explored the different acts of sadistic nature commonly found in human history.

Chris co-owns the production and theatre company Pôkô Events and Productions which focuses on creating new and exciting theatre for the South African entertainment industry.

He also featured in the SABC 2 mini-series HOUSE OF LOVE (2007) and the feature film HANSIE (2008) and can be seen in a variety of TV commercials including Scooter's Pizza, Pyott's Biscuits, Garmin GPS and MTN amongst others.

As a Voice artist, he has a warm, rich baritone voice, he also has a wide range of accents including German, Various British, Mexican, French, Russian, Italian, American and many more. He is a regular voice on the SABC 3 variety show DTV! Produced by The New Production Company. He features in a couple of RSG radio-dramas, various Television and Radio advertisements and Audio-books.

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