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Chroma Media and its network combines excellent know-how with solid 25 years of experience

Located in Hamburg, Berlin and Munich Chroma offers a wide range of services in the field of motion picture, TV, feature film, documentaries and advertising from creative offline-editing to high-end compositing, VFX and finishing.

Chroma is specialized in High Definition and 3D Stereo services and workflows, including a state-of-the-art 2k/4k digital grading cinema with stereoscopic capabilities located within spacious studios. In addition Chroma provides directors, producers, cinematographers, filmmakers and editors as part of a dynamic network that has access to a fast, high-quality and economically attractive resource with easy access to the centers of Hamburg, Berlin and Munich. Hence Chroma is able to deal with challenging projects.

Chroma Lab and Ventures complete the Chroma business portfolio by exploring new trends and business models in the fields of moving images, Games, Web and Mobile. Convergence is the main focus.

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