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Cidius Media is a small production company with an ample array of skills. Our individual backgrounds come from different places, giving us a unique and impressive identity. We are unique since we offer the entire media marketing package including commercial video, promotional video, product video, logo design, graphic and catalog design, visual effects, motion graphics, product modeling, and much more. Some of our past production and cinematography work includes full-length ski films, small commercials, web driven promotional videos, product videos, short films, and even cinematography work for TV shows. In addition to the production work, we also have experience with paid work in motion graphics, visual effects, catalog and flier design, as well as logo designing for a variety of companies. Over the years, we have invested tens of thousands of dollars in the highest quality cameras, lenses, computer hardware/software, audio and lighting equipment, and green screens. The main cameras we shoot with are Sony FS100s, which is a high end, HD, Super 35mm format, digital motion picture camera that far exceeds the quality of the popular HDSLRs. We also have access to a professional audio and video studio as well as our own portable green screen and lighting equipment giving us the ability to fill anyones needs. Our experience and knowledge are growing on a daily basis, so check out our portfolio to see some of the compositions we have created.

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