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For the past decade, I’ve spent my life behind the camera and inside the editing bay. My project scope as a Director of Photography has ranged from car commercials and children’s shoe ads to documentaries in the Himalayas of India and nuclear fallout regions of undeveloped Khazikhstan.

I cut my teeth as a young cinematographer on many understaffed projects which, for better or worse, allowed me to wear many hats – this trial by fire gave me both experience and a license to maintain creative control over larger and larger portions of projects. As a collaborator, this also gave me the ability to shoot with every step of production in mind. When I shoot as a cinematographer, part of my mindshare is on getting a beautiful shot, but my experience as an editor allows me to to know how to get the coverage I need to serve the story.

A fiercely energetic and multi-dimensional film maker, I am adeptly skilled in the entire process of content creation.
Creative story telling, project management and intuitive decision making are my specialties.

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