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RC Aerial Videography, Tilt-Shift Time-lapse & Motion Controlled Time-lapse Services Available For World-Wide Travel.

Excellent Quality & Fast Turnaround using a RC Hexakopter with Independent Remote Camera Operator with 3 Axis Control & Video Downlink. We use a German built Mikrokopter Hexakopter XL with a Cinestar 3-axis Gyro Stabilized Camera Mount. For Time-lapse we use only the best, Mumford Microsystems Stepper Rotary Tables for perfect shots.

Tom Zikas is a member of the US Snowboard Teams Judging staff for over 10 years and is a Commercial Advertising Photographer shooting Architecture, Sports, Lifestyles, Scenics and Conceptual Imagery. His Clients range from Oakley/Lance Armstrong, Redbull America, Anheuser-Busch and Newsweek.

James Cole is a Brooks Institute of Photography Cum Laude Graduate majoring in Commercial Advertising and minoring in Celebrity Portraiture. His body of work includes clients Burning Man, Chevy, Burton, Walter Dorwin Teague and Centurion Boats.

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