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Cinemotive Media is a small team of artists based out of Miami, Fl who specialize in cinematic films. With mostly DSLR cameras in hand, Cinemotive pushes their creative abilities to the limit by applying years of creative experience into translating real life into visual cinema. WIth over 20 years of experience in digital online media, Cinemotive offers a complete service from pre-production to filming to final production and even behind-the-scenes footage to help showcase a wide variety of products. Cinemotive’s passion for film is their driving force behind all productions which also include marketing and advertising support as well. With strong roots in photography and digital design, Cinemotive has the incredible ability to turn concepts into film.

Cinemotive Media |
Scott Nguyen | Los Angeles | 954.305.5211
Warren Shim-Quee | Miami | 786.299.2425

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