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I am a story teller. My job is to connect people through emotions, which are universal. My medium of choice is film. It’s visual, timeless, grandiose and visceral. It works. I was born in Austria, raised in Mexico and trained in the City of Angels. Nowadays, people recognize me the most for my 20-time award-winning short, Cinder Pumpkin (2014). However, my artistic journey began many years ago in the Mexican capital (D.F.) when I did theater and a couple of TV ads. Eventually, I transitioned into experimental filmmaking and began producing promotional and corporate videos for international brands like Pepsi, Habitat for Humanity and Dell Computer, among others. My work has been seen all over the world and featured in more that 25 international film festivals and digital platforms, including Shorts HD, the Academy Award-qualifying LA Shorts Fest, and the International Family Film Festival.


  1. Firereel Film Festival
  2. 2A1L Productions, LLC
  3. Carlos Dieter
  4. Pedro Paulo Araujo