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B.C. Jones is an award-winning filmmaker who graduated with a BFA in Film from Watkins College of Art and Design. After working in post production for the Sci-Fi Channel, Hallmark Hall of Fame and American Idol, he moved into producing music videos. B.C.’s music video work includes the breakout video for the song “Shut Me Up” performed by Mindless Self Indulgence, which was directed by famed comic book artist Jhonen Vasquez and spent three months at number one on the MySpace video charts. In addition to his producer credits, B.C. has also directed numerous short films and music videos. His short film, Dada, won the Platinum Reel Award at the Nevada film festival and screened at the San Diego Comic Con as well as the Director’s Guild of America. His current film, Write of Passage, recently played at deadCenter, Dances with Films, Phoenix Film Festival, and will also be screening at Comic Con. Absurd, whimsical and audacious, the films of B.C. Jones continue to transform narrative cinema towards bold new horizons.

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