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Cinetrain is a unique cinema event.

We gather young professional filmmakers from all over the world to participate in a thrilling and extreme filmmaking adventure... By train!

Professional skills training, cross-cultural colaboration and dialogue, unique production workflow, traveling: Cinetrain is all that!

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  1. stephane carrel
  2. Gryzli
  3. Yulia Glukhova
  4. Bernadett Tuza-Ritter
  5. sandhya daisy sundaram
  6. Cristina Picchi
  7. Dieter Deswarte
  8. Tristan Daws
  9. Joona Pettersson
  10. Shoefiti
  11. KraljevicEva
  12. Peter Bradshaw
  13. Eugene Izraylit
  14. J Durand
  15. Olga Filonova
  16. Golpar
  17. Vladimir Petev
  18. André Østergaard

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