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Warendorf (Germany)

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I am an CAD technician and hold various qualifications in the media and technology field. I studied "Multimedia Production" at Rheinische University of Applied Sciences Cologne. Engaged in promotion work, marketing, web- and video design and in modern interactive learning technologies.

Over a period of nine years, I worked as a freelance science educator (presenter) at the ZEISS Planetarium of the "Westphalian State Museum of Natural History". I presented and supported shows in a state of the art equipped 65 ft. (20 metre) dome with a new, fully computerized fibre optical, mechanical star projector ZEISS Universarium VIII, a stack of 48 slide projectors, 2 video beamers and a TARM® laser system running under Sollinger DSP. Now the Planetarium facilitates the most sophiosticated FullDome array with the sharpest digital screen in the world.

I have got into contact with FullDome technology when I met producer/director Harald Singer at a test screening of one of his productions (R+J) on the ZEISS Jena engineering test facility. Got hooked up by the possibilities what immersed presentation has to offer - not only educational, but also in entertainment. Since then I am a strong supporter of edutainment in a "planetarium" dome ... (what doesn´t mean that I don´t like a crispy starfield and well balanced astronomical shows anymore. Just non "only" :-)

Questions? Just drop me a message!

Nicolas J. Artley

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