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Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, apparently as punishment for his evil deeds in some future life, Cinque Lee is a vegetarian, celibate nymphomaniac lesbian trapped in the body of a Black teenage Keebler cookie tree elf. His diminutive size has afforded him the opportunity to sneak onto two Jim Jarmusch (a Lee Marvin impersonator) film sets and appear in his films. He will eventually marry an Afghan albino and soon afterwards his decomposing body will be found in an alley in the city of Brooklyn, a place he has disdained and struggled to get out of all his life. In the meantime, if you do see him and capture him, please don’t insult him by demanding your pot of gold teeth. He is a Keebler tree elf, not a Black leprechaun. And he still dances like he’s living the Goth life in the 80’s.


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