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Hidayah Hassan is the Founder and Creative Director of CIPELA (Shoes and Accessories). Having spent many years living and studying abroad, Hidayah has become a ‘connoisseur of cultures’ and is fluent in Malay, English, Turkish and Bosnian. Growing up with a family background in business and trading, she has since also become an entrepreneur of her own right.

Hidayah’s foray into the fashion industry began with a keen interest in sketching and designing from a young age, and she was exposed to European shoe making craft while residing in the region. Throughout the years, while arming herself with the practicality of accountancy degree. And gaining a love of high-heeled shoes, she began to design what every fashionable woman wants: “comfy, spotlight-stealing shoes fit for any occasions”. Most of her clients named it, “the best shoes in the world”. Her shoe designs had since matured into what is now CIPELA.

Inspired by the best European craftsmanship and the rich diversity of traditional textiles and fabrics in Malaysia, Hidayah found CIPELA, an exclusive brand from customise ( to ready-to-wear handcrafted shoes and handbags ( with growing appeal amongst local celebrities, public personalities and the international conscious public. Able to stand its own ground in the international fashion arena, CIPELA products are also proudly 100% Malaysian made.

CIPELA shoes can be categorized into 3 types, of which the categories and respective details are explained below:

CIPELA BRIDAL is the centerpiece of the collection. Here CIPELA showcases multiple classic and contemporary ready to wear designs to choose from, using lace, satin silk, pearls, diamonds, pewter in CIPELA’s signature exquisite style and comfort for bridal footwear that’s romantic, delicate, and more than just a little sexy.

CIPELA EVENING is designed to match various types of local traditional evening wear, as well as more western contemporary styles, they provide just enough glamour in subtle detailing as they wrap the feet in luxurious fabrics.

The EVERYDAY CIPELA range moves the working woman from office to meetings to dinner comfortably in unique CIPELA style. Without sacrificing the unique and elegant Malaysian-style detailing, EVERYDAY CIPELA is made for walking, any day, everyday.

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