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Toronto, Canada

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A student filmmaker, trying to get experience and some connections. Working on multiple projects, while also studying to get into a decent university for film. Currently shooting on a Canon 7D after switching recently from a Canon XL1S. I am still learning this whole DSLR thing, but it doesn't look to complicated. Anyone in the GTA region looking to shoot some things (acting, directing, writing etc) contact at Thanks!


  1. Bianca Giaever
  2. Kirsten Lepore
  3. Kevin Margo
  4. Moonwalk Films
  5. Rick Mereki
  6. André Chocron
  7. Dilation Studios
  8. Vincent Laforet
  9. Paul Frederick
  10. Dark Rye
  11. Terry Richardson
  12. FKY
  13. Tony Reale
  14. david j. cain
  15. Nick Ryan
  16. ZBros Productions
  17. Andrew Wonder
  18. Stableford Studios

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  1. Amazing work! Beautiful cinematography and what a great overall film! Congratulation to you all and thank you for sharing this with the Vimeo community.