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CITA: Centre for Information Technology and Architecture

CITA is an innovative research environment exploring the emergent intersections between architecture and digital technologies. Identifying core research questions into how space and technology can be probed, CITA seeks to investigate how the current forming of a digital culture impacts on architectural thinking and practice.

CITA examines how architecture is influenced by new digital design- and production tools as well as the digital practices that are informing our societies culturally, socially and technologically. Using design and practice based research methods, we explore computation through the conceptualisation, design and realisation of full scale prototypes. Building on a broad network of partners from engineering, computer science, robotics, material science, design and textiles we understand technology as a critical and creative engagement.

By examining technology transfers between high-innovative industries, that stand on front edge in the development of new digitalised designs- and production tools, it's our goal to create synergy between architecture contemporary reality and its future perspective.

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