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Citebeur is a French gay film studio specializing in producing ethnic-based gay adult films, a pioneer in the promotion of films featuring men of color and men of various ethnicities (Arabs, Latins, blacks, Eastern Europeans) rather than mainstream gay white males.

Citebeur films are based on clichés and fetishes of men of ethnic background: big size, well-endowed, urban style clothing, poor neighborhoods, dangerous liaisons in poor suburbs of large cities, interracial sexual relations, thus popularizing such imagery amongst the homosexual population and promoting greater visibility and a more positive attitude towards minorities of ethnic background.

This also helped in empowering persons who suffer from double discrimination because of being both gay and being of ethnic backgrounds, in sharp contrast with American gay pornographic studios featuring stars that are prominently blond, muscular, clean-cut and with hairless bodies. Thus the company's products have found a niche in the world of erotic art.

Many of the Citebeur actors give their time to take part in these short movies, presented for you here on Vimeo.

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