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We love Film

Film is a series of single frames to motion picture. But film is much more: Film links information to emotion. Film puts a spin on your product, reaches your target group and makes it curious. Films message is carried fast, directly and sustainable. Film is exciting, creative and stays in mind.

That’s why we love Film – WE are Citizen Frame

We are young and dynamic; with a finger on the pulse of current affairs not forgetting about the basics. We are innovative without losing our reputability. We are the right partner if it’s about Image-, Industrial-, and Product Film. We deliver full service: From planning through realisation to postproduction, we remain one and the same contact address. We offer: 2D/3D Animation and Compositing // DSLR and Digital Film Cameras // Colour Correction // Music Composition // Sound Design // Flight and Underwater Shots.

We are looking forward to your Project!

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