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“This is the show that will change the way Television is done in the Bahamas. On this show we ask the hard questions, we discuss the difficult issues, we provide creative commentary on everyday issues and best of all we include everyone in the process.”

Citizens' Review is an innovative, new talk show formulated by the minds of several young Bahamians who are seeking to introduce a more poignant and innovative approach to Bahamian punditry with high regards to professionalism, accuracy of information and a fearless tackling of the issues.

Citizens' Review will be a vehicle for pursuit and discovery of the answers craved by the average citizen. The purpose of the show is to pose the issues that are on the people's minds, ask the questions that the people want to ask, and pry for the answers that people seek in a healthy, free-flowing democracy. We will do that through strategic guest selection with a view towards creating an environment that provides for objective critical analysis, constructive criticism, and fresh perspectives from all areas of the Bahamian and international social, economic, political and cultural spectrum.

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  2. C. Allen Johnson
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  4. Jomari  Peterson
  5. Amos Nugent III