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add value to the screen

I spent years in the ad business producing commercials. And one thing I learned is how important it is to bring added value to every project. Working with budgets from $5,000 to $500,000 definitely taught me a few tricks of the trade.

Being on different sets with different directors over the years taught me the craft of filmmaking. I learned how to bring that insight to the screen of more modestly budgeted projects. Because no matter what size the project is, it’s essential to add value to both the screen and the process. So that‘s my emphasis as a producer and my promise to you – to add value.

Chris King, DIRECTOR
visual storytelling, real people, dialogue, subtle humor

So many ways to tell a story. Personally I prefer an energy rooted in understated and naturalistic performance. Great contrast and irony can come from it if you're working in comedy. And if humor isn't what you're going for, an effortless quality lends to believability and honesty.

I especially enjoy working with real people - making them comfortable, bringing out their personality and capturing genuine moments.

I'm also a big fan of the camera's voice. Let it speak. Where you put it, the lens you put on it and how you move it all go a long way in creating the energy of the story.

entire project management

The blend of a producer who has a director’s view, with a director who has a broadcast producer’s experience can be pretty beneficial. The combined disciplines, (plus an intimate understanding of the agency/client relationship), can really make the process efficient, bringing creative vision and technique in touch with budget and coordination. Communication is more direct, creative discussions happen more readily, decisions are made more quickly. It’s surprising how much value can be added to any budget with the right approach.


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