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Can't Knock the Hustle ("CKTH") is a place for creative storytelling and related content. Per it's namesake, CKTH dedicated to the hustlers (also known as the doers, the workers, the dreamers and the believers). The mission is to highlight people with talent, purpose and drive who improve their respective spheres – whether it be culture, science, business, art, music, ecology, exploration, sport, fashion, film or design. In a world full of hype, celebrating hustle is a good thing.

What is CKTH?
CKTH is an objective storytelling platform where people, places and things of human interest can stand and be recognized. CKTH is also a right-brained community that enables members to participate in design forums, connect with fellow talent and get updates from industry leaders. CKTH is inspired by the ideals of independence, originality, slow growth, flawed abundance, never settling and continual improvement.

Who is behind CKTH
CKTH is a collaboration with Matuse, Inc. Friends and family are also involved. Namely: The believers. The dreamers. The Lovers. The fighters. The workers. The players. The studiers. The partiers. The storytellers. The listeners. The readers. The writers. The philosophers. The clowns. The stoics. The poets. The painters. The hustlers. The ballers. The rollers. The riders. The finders. The minders. The grinders. The gamers. The steppers. The salt. The pepper. And everything else on, off, under and around the table. It’s art + function. And it’s all good. Newcomers welcome.

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