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My name is Clarke L. Smith and I began my professional career in Film and Video Production in 1985. My background has been in Television for the most part; I worked as cameraman for CBS since 1991. I took some time off from 1999 to 2005 to launch a run an advertising/promo business that I sold in 2009.

During my tenure at CBS I worked as a camera operator doing studio pedestal, hand-held, jimmy-jib or robotic camera on every show that came out of the NY Broadcast Center, from News to Talk Shows and 4 years on a Soap Opera (As The World Turns).

Today I operate steadicam, jimmy jib, manual and robotic cameras for the CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley.

I've begun to make the switchover from Video cinematography to DSLR cinematography. I've also started to edit in 2010.

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I like: BMW motorcycles, scuba diving, bicycling, swiss chocolate, national and international travel, food... and I love my small family, part of which still resides in the country where I grew up: Switzerland.

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