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Joe Pickard is a man of many hats… not literally though. In reality he only owns like two or three hats at most which couldn’t really be considered “many” by any stretch of the word and he doesn’t really wear them very often anyway. But enough about hats, this isn’t about hats, it’s about Joe… Joe has traveled all over the world, from Nicaragua to Turkey, though never actually from Nicaragua to Turkey. Joe doubts that there even are flights from Nicaragua to Turkey, and if there are who would be taking them? Anyway… After becoming the first film major to graduate from the College of Wooster, Joe spent over two years in Japan where he truly cultivated his vision. Maybe cultivated is the wrong word. Cultivating brings up images of farming or raising bacteria and he certainly wasn’t doing either of those things in Japan. It’s more like Joe was honing his vision, making it sharper. Yeah! Joe likes the sound of that. Joe now resides in New York City where he works as a Director and Cinematographer.

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