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Klaus Rulowski a.k.a clauderoubillie is a Chilean electronic music producer and designer. He is known for his work in the instrumental and IDM genres, and is one of the figures in today's chilean electronic scene. he also writes for the online newspaper el rancahuaso

Claude was born in Rancagua, Chile in 1985 and was 11 years and a day at Instituto O'higgins

The first musical gift he got were a electronic mini piano, an harmonica and a toy saxo, then at 8 he received his Yamaha. When Claude was around 15 he started to program in trackers Though he loved music, he could never be trained as a musician. Alas he is a Autodidact and He began making electronic music in the late 90s.

Claude takes much of his inspiration from jarre, as well as other artists such as autechre, radiohead, orbital, jamiroquai and beastie boys. He has also taken inspiration from rhythmic Central American music.

Claude began to make his music at home while he was studying at university, He started a label, Palos Incoherentes in 2001, then turned into a blog. his work has been mentioned in many radio stations in rancagua and in the universidad de chile radio. His records were released on the AmieStreet in 2007

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