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I'm a documentary filmmaker with more than 25 years of freelance experience. I'm probably best known for my role as DOP on LONG WAY ROUND and LONG WAY DOWN where I filmed the actors Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman on motorbike journeys around the world and across Africa.

I'm particularly proud about some of my more difficlut current affairs films - maybe less fun to watch but they won prestigious recognition. SURVIVING SUDAN - a report about the plight of Darfur refugees earned an Emmy nomination for best long format investigative documentary in 2006. LIVING WITH AIDS won the One World Media Award 2006 for best broadcast journalist and was a finalist for best TV documentary. My latest African film SPELL OF THE ALBINO looked into horrendous witchcraft practices in Tanzania where albino body parts get used for magic potions. This film won the 2012 One World Media Awards for Children's Rights and got nominated for the Royal Television Society Independent Award.

I'm thrilled about the new possibilities of publishing videos over the internet. It offers democracy of expression and is a great platform to debate important issues like human rights violations, environmental disasters, corruption etc. In addition it's also a great channel for 'good news' stories, which often get neglected by TV broadcasters.

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