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Wa-Bam! Not just onamonapia, to us that's how we do business. At Claymore Pictures we pride ourselves in the fact that we know how to make the sound of an exploding tomato.

We specialize in audio for film and video. Whether your next project is a short film, ad campaign, full length feature, or you just need a little something special for your website, we're happy to help.

Our goal is to create the best possible product in the most cost effective way. We understand what it means to be an independent filmmaker. Competing against others with massive budgets is a daunting task. Just because you don't have all the money in the world doesn't mean you can't sound like it.

The team at Claymore Pictures brings years of experience in the field of audio and is dedicated to bring you the finest sound. If you're looking for a way to crank up your next film, we are happy to help. Our team specializes in custom foley, music, sound design and overall mix down all at cost independent filmmakers can afford.

To get a quote for your next project feel free to contact us at

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