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Clay Porter is leading the charge as one of action sports most visionary and promising young directors whose work has influenced an industry. During the past 10 years Clay has been through three passports on a continued attack of the documentation and progression of his chosen sport of downhill mountain biking. Clay Porter is widely considered mountain bike racings most in demand filmmaker.

His award winning films have become the industry standard and he continues to raise the bar on documenting the sport of downhill mountain bike racing. By bringing storytelling and a tight narrative into his work, Porter has been credited as the first person to document the sport to a mass audience and in turn has created a style that confidently claims itself as unique. Clay’s work has not only documented the sport of mountain biking thoroughly and intrinsically, it has also reinvigorated the world of mountain bike filmmaking.

He has been interviewed by virtually every mountain bike magazine worldwide and was named one of the “Top 26 Most Influential People in Mountain Biking” by Decline Magazine.

In 2011 alone his work took him to 14 different countries, his reality show The Atherton Project became syndicated on TV worldwide and his most recent film 3 Minute Gaps went to No. 1 on iTunes during its week of release.

Porter recently founded Metis Creative, a boutique commercial production company, with his business partner and producer Cameron Baird in order to house their ever-growing commercial endeavors. When not traveling the world, Clay spends his time in his native California.


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