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Crystle ‘Clear’ Roberson is a blossoming director of film and television who wishes to
contribute her voice to both the big and small screen. After graduating with honors from
Valdosta State University with a degree in Mass Media/ Television, Ms. Roberson
furthered her study in film by taking graduate courses at the Savannah College of Art &
Design. While in school, she trained to become Director of the morning news at Fox 24
Television in Savannah Georgia.

However, she could not ignore the great opportunities being offered in the film and
television industry, and ventured into the business almost immediately. Crystle is no
stranger to the hard work and dedication of production as she has enjoyed working as a
crewmember on theatrically released feature films such as Stomp The Yard, One Missed
Call, Daddy’s Little Girls, and Why Did I Get Married. Crystle has also worked on commercials, documentaries, music videos, and over 50 episodes of the hit TBS television show
Tyler Perry’s House of Payne.

After long hours on set, however, Crystle went home to write and direct her own film and
video projects. On a sparse income, she succeeded at saving and raising money to
financially support and shoot award winning short films that contained her personal
vision. In 2006 she obtained a film grant from Kodak, which she used to write, direct, and
produce the short film “The Song of Time”, which was an official selection in the TOMI
Film Festival of New Orleans and the Spaghetti Junction Urban Film Festival of Atlanta.
Ms. Roberson founded her own production company C. Clear Cinema LLC in 2007.
During that year, she also wrote and directed two narrative shorts “Friend in a Can” and “Standing Reign” which was an official selection in the TOMI Film Festival of New Orleans, the Spaghetti Junction Urban Film Festival of Atlanta, and the International Black Film Festival of Nashville.

Crystle is a proud member of Women in Film & Television/Atlanta. In October of 2007
she was chosen by the board to be Associate Director of the Ovarian Cancer PSA
Campaign sponsored by WIFT/A. But Ms. Roberson’s love for public service and
television did not stop there. Currently, as part of her PSA campaign encouraging youth
enrichment, she has directed four additional Public Service Announcements and is
presently in pre-production of more.

Even more recently, Crystle was chosen as one of four filmmakers nationwide to compete in the Chase Legacy Film Challenge, by which she received a financial grant from Chase and Kodak to direct her personally written film “Next Door’s Next”. The Chase Legacy Film Challenge was launched at Sundance Film Festival.

Industry professionals have often referenced Crystle “Clear” Roberson as “a very
passionate filmmaker with amazing forthcomings.” She will undeniably take her place in
the future of the film and television industry.

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