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Clevis "FOTO" Harrison has been photographing people for over 10 years. He became interested in photography at the age of seventeen upon seeing the work of Annie Leibovitz and has since devoted his life to creating expressive images.

While he developed in his style that empowered honesty, humor, and emotion. Harrison set out to document what he loved best, music and athletics. It was that very moment when Harrison found his connection for capturing the energy and presence of what so many individuals loved. He wanted to dig deeper into documenting the human emotion of what develops these individuals into who they truly are with their character. He continues to shoot weddings and covering events for homemakers to celebrity clients to put his touch on what would make those moments heirlooms.

“Im an artist and story teller here to use my God given talent to document the history of my era and what I truly have a passion for,” says Harrison. “I am here to go beyond the boundaries of what is least expected and capture those priceless moments. I am blessed to have the opportunity to grow with my clients and bring the imagery of my vision into their reality; no matter blue or white collar they are my superheroes,” continued Harrison. With an eager desire to find that deep emotion that various artist posses, Clevis continues to light a fire to an unlit flame. “I find the human condition in my work truly remarkable because I can bring out true character and create art,” said Harrison.

With every frame shot it starts just as a painting, it’s a new medium. Many times Harrison doesn’t know where his work will take him but he is always ready for the thrill of creating a new piece with every snap not knowing what feelings may emerge from his clients. The combination of painting and photography makes his work so much more personal because it embodies Harrison’s emotions.

Harrison’s imagery embodies more than what the eyes see, but contains a message that makes every shot priceless. “It’s pure as distilled water and refreshingly essential.” While this humble photographer might be the last to admit his talent, he would be the first to offer his gift of artistic formation through the lives of others.

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