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Atlanta, Georgia

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Currently, work as a freelance video editor and film/television set production assistant and intern at an Atlanta video production house. In my spare time, I am a compose music at home on a desktop studio.

I recently graduated from a Film and Video program at Georgia State University. I add this education to my experience as an editor and videographer for the campus newscast and production assistant for independent films in and around Atlanta, Georgia.

My passion for storytelling on the screen began as a child when my friends and I commandeered our parents' VHS camcorder to create short skits in our makeshift basement studios. As we rotated writing, directing, shooting and acting, we drew in talent from the neighborhood to join our endeavors.
I then began experimenting music recording on a four track cassette recorder, hashing out simple songs with wacky lyrics with my friends. I still produce music electronically to this day, tailoring it to my films.
In high school, I was introduced to media productions through a solid vocational program that utilized an on-campus, state-of-the-art studio patterned after the local public television station. There, I developed editing skills and an eye for the television newscast. At the University of Georgia, I studied journalism and English which was soon put to use writing and then editing for the local newspaper in my home town.

I am excited as I look to the future of media. The business, industry and technology are progressing at a staggering rate, and I strive to stay current with them.

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