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  1. Sony a6300 Users Group

    by Dave Altizer joined

    652 Videos 334 Members

    A collection of only Sony a6300 footage. No a7s's or r's allowed! :)

  2. Free HD stock footage

    by Phil Fried joined

    255 Videos 23.7K Members

    all clips you find in this group I give away for free use in your productions! I hope you find useful stuff in here. feedback & tipjar welcome :-)

  3. 01SHORTFILM___the group

    by Ale Corsini joined

    8,911 Videos 3,468 Members

    This group is dedicated to all those filmmakers that, abiding by or challenging traditional CINEMATIC conventions, strive to tell compelling and, needless to say, beautiful stories.

  4. Student Filmmaker's Collective

    by Damon Stea joined

    9,005 Videos 3,921 Members

    A showcase and discussion of new and archived student films, embracing narrative, non-linear, and experimental films from the next generation of filmmakers. Show us your vision.

  5. HDSLR Filmmaking

    by RollingShutter Films joined

    10.6K Videos 3,300 Members

    Group dedicated to producing and showcasing films shot on HDSLR Cameras. Brought to you by http://rollingshutter-films.com

  6. Canon 7D HD

    by Visionary Photo Video joined

    2,107 Videos 550 Members

    These are random short videos that have been put together using the Canon 7D.

  7. canon 7d

    by Piet MEERSSCHAUT joined

    2,044 Videos 596 Members

    all about 7d

  8. Canon DSLR Video Users

    by MARK KLASSEN joined

    4,764 Videos 4,895 Members

    This group is dedicated to those who shoot with Canon DSLRs to make the many various forms of moving images you'll find in this group. Please take the time to enjoy some of the films, as well…

  9. 7DPRO [Canon EOS 7D]

    by 7DPRO.COM joined

    10.5K Videos 2,573 Members

    [7D, 1DMKIV, 5DMKII, T1i] WEB: http://www.7dpro.com Do you have a Canon EOS Video that you would like to share with us? Cool, let us know! VIMEO GROUPS: 7D Videos: http://vimeo.com/groups/canoneos7d 5DMKII…

  10. Canon EOS 7D

    by francisLM joined

    13.9K Videos 3,094 Members

    This group is dedicated to those awesome video that will be produced by the Canon EOS 7D camera.

  11. Canon DSLR Video Users Group

    by John Muir joined

    52.9K Videos 12K Members

    Videos made on the new generation of DSLR cameras including the T4i, T3i, T2i, T1i, 5D Mk II, 5D Mk III, 7D, 60d, 70D, 1D, 1D-C, EOS C300, 500 and the new C100 digital cinema cameras. New web site…

  12. short narrative films

    by Cory White joined

    9,186 Videos 4,633 Members

    This group is for short films that are narrative driven, character filled and anything else that makes cinema compelling. Humor is hard, drama is risky, suspense can be a bust. But their all basically…

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