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GARY JAMES JOYNES is a sound artist, composer and visual artist from Edmonton, Canada. He is fascinated by the sources of electronic composition and the ever-evolving language of technology; objects and mechanisms stimulate his process. As CLINKER, his work explores meditative spaces and the kinesthetic and synesthetic effects of sound and visuals.

Recent work includes FREQUENCY PAINTING:12 TONES a sound and visual installation which premiered at the LATITUDE 53 ART GALLERY in January 2011. "On the Other Side..." a Live Cinema piece commissioned by the 2008 INTERNATIONAL LEONARD COHEN FESTIVAL. A film score for the NATIONAL FILM BOARD OF CANADA'S award winning feature documentary “DIRT" was composed by Clinker and premiered at the Vancouver DOXA Festival in May 2008. He was selected to open the Montreal MUTEK FESTIVAL 8TH. EDITION with his 2007 Live Cinema performance work "Provody".

CLINKER'S latest audio work entitled "On the Other Side... (for L.Cohen)" was released to critical acclaim on the Los Angeles Sound Art Label DRAGON'S EYE RECORDINGS in January of 2009. Through the Fall/Winter of 2009 Clinker was an artist in residence at the BANFF CENTRE OF THE ARTS (BNMI) advancing new ideas in visual music for future audio-visual sculptural installations.

Recent performances include ELECTRIC FIELDS (Ottawa), MOUNTAIN COMPUTER MUSIC FESTIVAL (Montana), ROULETTE MIXOLOGY FESTIVAL (New York), HIGH PERFORMANCE RODEO 2010 (Calgary), (((SOUNDWAVE))) (Vancouver Island), MUTEK_10 (Montreal), MUTEK_10 TOUR (Edmonton), EMMEDIA SONIC BOOM 2009 (Calgary), BANFF CENTRE - BNMI INTERACTIVE SCREEN (2008 & 2007 editions) and the 2008 LEONARD COHEN INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL.

The last few years have seen Clinker’s work performed and exhibited in Canada and abroad in festivals including TANZSTARTKLAR FESTIVAL 2008 (Graz, Austria), NEW FORMS FESTIVAL 2007 & 2003 (Vancouver), SPRAWL - INTERPLAY_4 FESTIVAL 2007 (Amsterdam, Dublin, London, Bristol), SEA OF SOUND FESTIVAL 2005 (The Works - Edmonton), MUTEK Le PLACARD FESTIVAL 2005 (Montreal), STANDART 2003 (Madrid, Spain). In May 2003 CLINKER made his premiere outside his native Alberta at the 2003 MUTEK Festival.

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