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Channeling : After A Butoh Performance at The Dark Arts Festival , SLC :: Image credit : My favorite cosmonomad, The Phenomenal Miss Zoetica Ebb Herselfness :: Do be so kind as to give her as visit at her main hub, : Won't you? ▸▸▸ Oh! And as for me? I do, indeed, have content housed here on Vimeo — a short which should be of particular interest to fans of Derek Jarman, matter of fact. Running time : 12 minutes 58 seconds, though it's password-protected for a number of reasons. Short of the long, howevs? Just ask. : Most importantly, THANKS and BEST!

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  • Clint Catalyst Dot Com - Antics and Semantics of a Style Fiend Obsessed with Syllables
  • Internet Movie Database - Veritable Score Card of my attempt to achieve "Cameo Star-Adjacent" status
  • Cottonmouth Kisses - FB pg for the book Lambda Literary described as "rais[ing] bad behavior to high art."
  • Pills Thrills Chills & Heartache - Co-edited with Michelle Tea, this anthollogy explores first person narrative and the extremes of human experience.
  • Public! On The Book Of Faces - FB page with a name so cringe-worthy; fear I'll always shudder. Apparently the URL can't be changed [much to my chagrin!]...but it was created as a gift. GRATITUDE ♥
  • "Personal" FB Profile - A cute idea in theory, I suppose, although : akin to communism, when/where/how's it workin' out?
  • Twitterbation - So, um...Yeah. I've been known to engage in these 140 character outbursts, upon occasion. Not a fan of forced brevity, though I do aspire to "think long thoughts in short sentences."
  • Tumblrification - Speak to me in images, baby : In emojis and animated gifs; in glitch art, or a song you've embed. FEED MY HEAD.
  • YouTube - From spoken word to behind-the-scenes footage of photo shoots; celebrity interviews to spazzin' out . . . It's all here.
  • Buzznet - And my! There exists quite an archive to pillage . . .


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