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Charlotte, North Carolina

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I am Billy Kaskay from Stanley, North Carolina, in the United States. I am seventeen years old, and my hobbies include writing and filmmaking. I graduate next year and plan to attend a four-year university, going wherever God takes me after that.
"A Nation Divided" began as a student project. I enjoyed listening to my United States history teacher talk about the Civil War, and during class my mind drifted away to another time. I saw vivid images of realistic characters, and - after a while - a story began to form. I started writing the script in November of my junior year and asked my friend, Lanie, if she would help me bring it to life. The first cut of the film was completed in May.
I've worked with some very talented people, and the movie would not have existed without each and every single one. I've discovered talents in people I never would have expected to see in them, and they have inspired me with their dedication and creativity. I want to say thank you to everyone that assisted at any time during production.

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