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I grew up in Highland Park North East L.A. area and I have 2 kids. . .I went to Every School In the L.A. area so I made a lot of friends of all walks of life. . . I like to read History books and underground books on stuff "they don't want us to Know" I always try to learn something new.
I'm into alot of different things..I love to read and look at old pictures of my hometown L.A...I collect old pictures of Graffiti from different Barrios I feel that its like our own Hieroglyphs or style of cave drawings .I like to think of myself as Old school ..a style that has been watered down and changed alot by hip hop culture that really no longer is out there..I try to keep the old Lowrider style going with the music I collect and the clothes I wear sometimes..To me that's a part of Chicano heritage that should never be forgotten,,that true rebellious spirit that said "We are from the Barrios Y que?" I grew up in the birth of Hip hop and Graffiti on the west coast in the early 80's so I adopted both styles but I still have vivid memories of the old placasos in my alley and the aesthetic they had and formal way of letting everyone know who's been there.

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