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Claus Morgenstern was born 1985 in Siegen. He studied photographic design at the photo-design school Pforzheim and graduated in 2008. Afterwards he was employed as a post artist at Recom in Stuttgart. In 2009 he created MOMO photodesign in Kaiserslautern. Today is MOMO a creative community of photographers. Since 2012 Claus Morgenstern is a BFF-junior member and works as a photographer in Mannheim & Berlin.
Areas of expertise are architecture / interior and people Photography shot in both digital and non digital formats.

If you wish a representative look at my work from a certain genre, I’ll gladly send you a PDF- Portfolio.

Stock photography represented by Westend61.

Creativity is found through time spent with family and, once perfected, is introduced into high-quality, commercial photography.

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