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CMYKmusik was born in madrid, spain by the hand of alex under, who put out its first release "verde guisante" in 2003. The label was also the seed for the already extinct NET28 music platform.

There are a healthy bunch of releases by very talented artists from all over the world, some already big names as thomas brinkmann, pan-pot or jonas kopp, and others have built their name over the four primary colors, as fernando sanz, cesar martinez, tadeo or alex under himself.
Always with the personality as a trademark, CMYKmusik does not focus on any specific musical genre but developes an own identity of sound and concept.

After the collapse of NET28, the label took a sabbatical year, or maybe two. but in 2012 it came strong as ever with "blanco de mente" and followed by fantastic releases charted, supported and played all over the place.
Since CMYK033 "rojo por ojo", the cover artwork is being made by under 10 year old children, first step of the children-music connection that had lead to the CMYKmusik FOUNDATION,
where CMYKmusik merchandising and music 100% selling benefits are donated to some organizations related with children and music. Growing slow but everyday and the most important thing growing in the correct direction is the goal of this small but proud label.

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