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Nataly Cnyrim-Kimmel was born 18th Oct. 1969 in Koblenz on the Rhine, but she left Koblenz for Switzerland only one and a half years later.
Already as a child, Nataly was involved in two films made for the German official television ARD & ZDF. These films were documentary pieces focusing on how children can learn to ski. Nataly was about 4 years of age at that time.

With her talent, she gained popularity and at this very young age represented the German National team as their mascot. After three years in Switzerland she returned to Koblenz to start school.
At the age of seven, Nataly and her family lost their beloved father, the well-known psychiatrist and neurologist Dr. Curt Cnyrim (Hungarian origin).

There after followed several years in Munich alone with mother Heike (French origin).

After a further stay in her hometown Koblenz, the 13-year old moved with her mother to the Balearic island of Majorca. Nataly successfully finished her attendance at the international school with academic A-levels (Abitur) of the University of London. At the age of 21, Nataly gave birth to daughter Anouschka, two and a half months too early. At birth, Anouschka only weighed 700 grammes.
This forming event made Nataly want to care for children right to the current day. Nataly concentrated on alternative medicine and successfully finished the school for alternative medicine and cosmetics near Hamburg. But after all, Natalys creativity asserted itself and this was followed with several years of studing at the Universidad d'Arte Barcelona &
of training at the international school of design in Majorca. A partial paralysis caused by a severe cluster migraine stopped her professional ambitions for the duration of two long years.
During a flight from Barcelona to Nice in March 1999, Nataly met Peter W. Kimmel whom she married a few months later. Nataly supported her husband Peter right from the beginning in his public relations activities to promote the many projects of art, culture and children.
Nataly now personally acts as vice president of KIMMEL FOR KIDS and her goal is to support children who are less fortunate in this world. Projects for children in Thailand, Austria, Poland, Italy and Brazil are supported not just financially together with renowned organisations such as UNESCO, SSI, Don Bosco and many other important institutions. 2003 saw the birth of son Petrys, like Anouschka he also was born too early. For the last few years Nataly has converted her creativity into a passion for painting. And finally in 2005 it happened, after two shared exhibitions, Nataly held her first sole exhibition in the artist village of Vallauris, where already Picasso created his famous ceramic sculptures.
Followed by other exhibitions in Bremen, Budapest,Vienna,Hamburg, NewYork, Shanghai,Bangkok,Monaco,Bangkok ...
For more than a decade she is a very successful and appassionate Artist & Designer. A lot of international Art lovers are owning a Master piece of her, and many personalities are wearing a model of her "VERY PRIVAT" Fashion collection.

In 2010 she had a key experience, that gave her the idea to use her creative skills in the future for the changing environment.

Today she is working together with her husband Peter on a revolutionary ECO-Project called I-CAN and lives with her family in Dubai and Bangkok.
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