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We are a grassroots movement of participatory audiovisual storytelling workshops and creative-learning projects for ocean conservation and empowered coastal communities.

We believe everyone has the right to speak their truth, share their story, and doing so can have a positive impact on themselves, their communities, and beyond. 
We facilitate avenues for local coastal communities, beginning with the youth, to contribute their voices to a global dialogue through the audiovisual arts. Local youth later engage their families, local families engage their communities, and then empowered communities engage the world through storytelling across a variety of creative mediums.
We work inside coastal communities that are under environmental, economic, social, or cultural distress to self-advocate in a nonviolent and creative way through participatory audiovisual workshops and educational projects.
We are a multidisciplinary team of artists, filmmakers, photographers, producers, athletes, and innovative educators from around the world, bound by the sea and rooted in empowered storytelling.

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