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Coastalrise - Friends who found each other through mutual passions for their art, their common interests and goals - creating an amazing sound that is uniquely their own. Soulful lyrics and melodies that leave you feeling inspired and lifted. Grooving and driving sound - you'll want to drive along the coast with your windows down all day long. People like genre titles, which are meant to give the listener an idea of what they're about to experience. It's our natural human tendency to desire order. This music doesn't work that way. It doesn't fit into a "genre box" and that's exactly what sets Coastalrise apart from other music today. Since 2010, their passion-filled lyrics in combination with their beachy vibe is appealing and inspiring to all ages, and fans of all genres. In a new generation of music, people find the Coastalrise sound refreshing. Coastalrise – set apart from the usual – join them on their journey.

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