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  1. 01:57:10


    by Coffee Circle

    14 Videos

    Several videos to share our knowledge with you about coffee and social media.

  2. 46:29


    by Coffee Circle

    19 Videos

    A collection of videos from events we initiated or that we have been at.

  3. 33:04

    If you make coffee, make it right

    by Coffee Circle

    11 Videos

    Some videos explaining how coffee should me made.

  4. 01:18:18

    Coffee Circle: That's us!

    by Coffee Circle

    21 Videos

    A couple of videos describing the best who we actually are and what we stand for.

  5. 02:03:17


    by Coffee Circle

    19 Videos

    A collection of our videos focussing on Ethiopia where our high quality coffee is beeing hand picked and where we realize different projects in order to help our cooperative Ilketunjo.

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