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WE are dedicated to putting the love of CHRIST into action to make Lansing a vibrant, healthy place to live and work. We desire to make a tangible difference in our community by collaborating to meet the basic spiritual and practical needs of our community. We hold fast to the truth that no one congregation, NP-O, or Agency can do it alone, but together we can make a difference. Multitudes of local churches and believers are committed to working together to Transform Lansing for Christ. Pastors, Business Leaders, NP-O's, and Individuals are joining forces to seek the peace and prosperity of Lansing! We are uniting as the body of Christ and committing to work alongside people of good-will who care about the things we do. More information at iCOGL.COM

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  • COGL - Uniting to Transform Lansing For Christ!


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  2. Epicenter Of Worship
  3. Bia Nicastro
  4. TrinityWired Productions
  5. Riverview Church
  6. The Gospel Coalition
  7. Kenneth Copeland
  8. Creflo Dollar
  9. LifeWay Media
  10. Joyce Meyer Ministries
  11. The Potter's House of Dallas
  12. Jesus Culture
  13. Hillsong Church
  14. Pilgrim Rest BC

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