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Colabo is once again stepping up to new challenges of documenting extreme sport video production. This time, they've taken their efforts into then land of the rising sun. With Japan's top riders, featured visitors and progressive film shoots, a new precedent in downhill skateboarding is about to be set, again.

Although the production will likely not be under the Colabo Flag, you can sure bet that the style will be a collaborative one. This collaboration guarantees the sport to be captured in a just way that represents the intense fun of skateboarding in Japan, the increasing skill of the next generation, and the sport as a lifestyle.

We are at the helm of a new frontier in progressive skateboarding.


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  2. Andre Arevalo
  3. Alpine Media
  4. Blood Orange
  5. Boulder Creek International
  6. SkateDownhill
  7. Brandon Mumford
  9. Mischo Erban
  10. Abe Kislevitz
  11. Ryeka Sport
  12. Gerhard Louw