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  1. 49:26

    Das Schloss

    by Colagene

    17 Videos

  2. 01:22:56

    Baillat Cardell & fils

    by Colagene

    50 Videos

    Baillat Cardell & fils was founded in 2008 when the duo of Jean-Sebastien Baillat and Guillaume Cardell came together. Since then, they have designed mural projections for the Beatles bar in Las…

  3. 06:36

    Illustration projects

    by Colagene

    14 Videos

    Illustration is both a return to the basics as well as a modern trend in animated production; it is a device that stretches the boundaries of imagination. For a distinctive visual impact and simplified…

  4. 17:12

    Raoul Paulet

    by Colagene

    6 Videos

    Raoul Paulet is a freelance director, motion graphic artist and designer. He has worked in Italy, France, UK and Canada for many international studios and clients. His work is always on the lookout…

  5. 47:29

    Damien Vignaux

    by Colagene

    27 Videos

    When Damien a.k.a. Elroy, sits down at his drawing table, it’s like he’s an eight-year-old on a sugar high from being overfed candies at Grandma’s house. He’s influenced by…

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