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Park City, Utah

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My name is Cole Sax, and I love to create engaging, thought provoking, and emotional visual pieces. I am currently a junior art director at the University of Utah Marketing and Communications, but I am always open to freelance directing, filming, and editing. My biggest passion in life is to create beautiful and emotional pieces, whether it is passion projects, commercials, films, photography etc.

Do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions:

I believe that passion, ambition, and the urge to inspire others is what drives me to succeed.

Instagram: @colesax

-Best Film - Full Service - (Miner Film Festival 2010)
-Best Director/Producer - Full Service - (Miner Film Festival 2010)
-Winner of the Park City Green Contest
-Best Film - 88 and Sunny - (Miner Film Festival 2011)
-Bronze Award - 2011 Key Art Awards
- Screeners Choice - 88 and Sunny - 2012 Trinity Film Festival

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