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30 seconds is the average lenght of a radio spot.

2 minutes, 17 seconds is the average lenght of an YouTube video.

2 minutes, 42 seconds is the average lenght of a hit song.

4 minutes, 33 seconds is the lenght and title of the music piece by John Cage, from 1952, showing that you could even make music out of silence.

4’33″ is a creative collective for music and sound design production to any media format. It arises from a collective view of the world’s current audio production reality: the relation between advertising, content and original music which grows closer and closer in aesthetic terms.

Andrio Maquenzi, Brenno Di Napoli, Thiago Grün, Valmor Pedretti Jr.

The collective format brings out refined results not just on finishing, but on the work process itself. Each client is entitled to a unique, tailor-made piece of work.

More than gear and resources to ensure the best results, 4’33″ is not stuck in any formulas. The creative process is reinvented on each project, using the proper resources and mixing analog and digital.

The internal schedule and creative process of each job focuses the knowledge and skills of the team into the best possible results. That’s why every project gets 100% input from all 4 members, having top quality as a priority.

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55 51 37790111

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