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Rochester NY

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I am an animation student, currently studying at the Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester N.Y. I prefer to create hand-drawn 2d animations, but I am also no stranger to 2d digital, stop-motion, 3d maya, or live-action film making. Besides film-making I also enjoy drawing, painting, and anything else I can get my hands on. I consider myself an above-average draftsman with strong ties to realism, but not without a unique sense of style. I'd say my workflow on projects usually goes one of two ways, either I over-think something to the point where it drives me absolutely crazy, or I'll just jump in and keep it loose and see where my sub-conscious takes me. I'm sort of the same way thematically, If i'm thinking about a project, i'll either think about it from a deep internal analysis of what is important to me as a person, or i'll just screw around with it until it makes me laugh enough that I like it. In general I have found that I prefer to keep my artwork pretty light these days. In my opinion everybody could really use a breath of fresh air; life is too short to spend devoid of simple pleasures, and we truly live in an incredible world.


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