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Celebrating their 10th year as one of independent music’s most substantive
bands, Louisville’s Coliseum return with their fourth full-length, the
stunning Sister Faith, to be released on April 30 on Temporary Residence
Ltd. Expanding on the anthemic direction the trio veered toward on 2010’s
highly acclaimed House With a Curse, Sister Faith’s 13 songs are the most
dynamic and immediately captivating of the band’s career, bristling with
galvanizing melodies at the collision point between punk and noise-rock.

The first album to be recorded in producer J. Robbins’ recently relocated
Magpie Cage Studios, Sister Faith is also the first Coliseum recording to
feature new bassist, Kayhan Vaziri, in addition to contributions from some
of the groups’ closest friends and musical peers: Wata of Boris, J.
Robbins (Jawbox, Burning Airlines), and Jason Loewenstein (Sebadoh, The
Fiery Furnaces), Jason Farrell (Swiz, Bluetip) all make small but
memorable contributions.

John Baizley of Baroness recently wrote, “Musical progression tends to
come at the expense of quality or ethics, and Coliseum have sacrificed
neither. Though punk-rock may have been the template (and paradigms DO
shift), songwriting and emotional content have become Coliseums focus, and
to that end they have gracefully transitioned from the unrelenting anger,
rage, and rawness of youth to a more thought-provoking, yet
no-less-powerful or insightful sound that is entirely their own.” Sister
Faith is the encapsulation of that slow and steady transition, the new
peak of Coliseum’s highly creative and inspiring career.

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