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FPR makes life a little more remarkable.

We produce targeted exercise programs, designed to help people overcome and prevent common muscle and joint complaints. All of the FPR programs are developed by doctors and coached by health care professionals.

Exercising for better health can be simple and very effective.

We're a new kind of exercise company.

FPR was born out of a love for seeing our patient's change their lives using exercise. While there are many companies that create exercise programs. They tend to focus on helping people get faster, burn calories or lose weight. We don't tell you how to build bigger muscles or how to run your fastest marathon. We focus on safety, correct technique and slow sustained strengthening. We strive to create exercise programs to help you function to the best of your ability. We are not in the business of promising miracle cures or snake oil, we simply want people to know that movement is a powerful way to fight pain.

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