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We are an art and music focused collective, website and independent record label. We initially started out as a small collective of like minded, up and coming artists and bloggers from the US and UK back in 2009 but since then, we have grown to become a more international focused collective, website and record label.

We are currently working on a series called EarFood that will involve us asking artist/groups and bands what their favourite meals are and then cooking those meals on the show whils their music plays in the background. The shows will also feature some narration a long with short sound bites of the featured artists talking about why they love the meal that they propose to us.


  1. devonwho
  2. flying lotus
  3. Warp Records
  4. know:juander
  5. Plug Research
  6. Dza
  7. Laid Back
  8. ELMNT
  9. HB|JM
  10. The Doppelgangaz
  11. Andy Brown
  12. Superfly Ninja Cat
  13. Beats+Crates
  14. Art Wednesday
  15. Talenthouse
  16. still muzik
  17. Chris Choi
  18. WeveGotTheJazz

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